Wednesday, 18 October 2017

Red Hook Criterium Milano

Last Saturday I was in Milano to follow the last race of the Red Hook Criterium Series.
I've to say that I didn't assist to a Criterium, I assisted to a Masterpiece.
Seeing all the riders (men and women) on their minimal bikes and in their colorful leotards made me feel part of an incredible show.
I participated, as a spectator, to all the previous edition, but this time, finally, a new concept of cycling has been reached.
It can be summarized in: Cycling as a work of art.
The riders and the spectators were perfectly mixed and were part of the same big artwork.
The urban circuit has been the perfect scenario for the birth of this new form of art and cycling and where could this happen if not in Italy, the cradle of art and culture?

Tuesday, 10 October 2017

Il Lombardia

What a race! Nibali won again Il Lombardia and brought Bahrain Merida its first Monument.
The race was incredibly hard and nothing more that the words of Pinot can summarize how it went: "I think Nibali is the most complete rider of the Peloton".
Despite all the critics received during the season, the Squalo came out with an incredible victory.
In the interview after the race he has already set his new objective: Innsbruck world championships.
Seeing how these last Italian classics or para-classics went, with the victory of Uran Uran, Nibali, Visconti, Geniez and with first class riders as Pinot, Quintana and Alaphilippe fighting in the up front, next year's World Champs are going to be memorable.
Nevertheless we have a season to watch and comment in which we will still enjoy Sagan wearing its natural outfit.
Stay tuned.

Monday, 25 September 2017

Bergen 2017, History Has Been Made

Love him or hate him, Peter Sagan is in the history of cycling.
For the first time a rider has been able to win 3 world championships in a row.
The third victory has been the hardest of the three for Sagan's admission too.
The circuit was really difficult to interpret and you could play your cards just one time.
Sagan is also doing something incredible, that never happened before in the history of cycling, he is identifying himself with the rainbow jersey.
You don't even know which is the team jersey of Sagan, when you see a rainbow jersey you just think is Sagan's jersey.
What will happen next year when the rainbow jersey will change owner? Will we get used to the new rainbow jersey?
We have time to think about this, but let's enjoy another year of Sagan in his most suitable jersey before.

Friday, 15 September 2017

Rider of the Vuelta a España 2017

This is not a fairy tale, you did it! You have been elected rider of the Vuelta 2017, the last race of your outstanding career!!
Contador's victory of our special classification has been a sort of plebiscite, he has taken 58% of the votes (the second, Froome, 17%, just to give you an idea) and has been elected rider of the Vuelta 2017.
I can just thank this incredible champion and I think we will miss him so much.
I hope he will continue his work with his team of young talents, teaching them to attack and never give up and maybe, in the future, we will have another Contador. Maybe...

Monday, 11 September 2017

Sunday, 10 September 2017

La Vuelta of the Champions

What a Vuelta!
I am speechless in front of these champions attacking every day in the most spectacular Grand Tour of the last ten years.
Contador attacked every day, looking for a big victory and never giving up. He took a really deserved victory on the hardest climb of Europe.
He has secured his place among the legends of cycling, that will be happy to welcome him in their exclusive club.
Froome has proven to be able to fight and win also in one of the strongest Grand Tour I've ever seen and not just on the boring flat Tour de France.
I really hope that the way Contador rode his last Vuelta will inspire other riders and make them more aggressive. You have to risk to gain the place in the Legends Club and Contador proved it 'til the last day of his brilliant career.
Will Froome be the next? He still needs a Giro! Stay tuned!

Tuesday, 5 September 2017

La Vuelta 2017 Pt. 2

La Vuelta 2017 has been fantastic so far and, with one week to go, the race is still unpredictable.
Froome is struggling to keep his leader jersey as he never did before.
If he will bring the red jersey to Madrid I think this would be maybe his best victory of a Grand Tour.
He has been fighting since the first day, proving that he is able to ride also far away from the flat Tour de France stages.
In case of win, he would complete his first double and he would definitively enter the legends' club.
He would be remembered as one of the most successful Grand Tour riders.
La Vuelta made us discover also a new talented rider named Lopez that is literally bossing everyone when the road climbs.
Will he continue is incredible growth? Has Astana found  a new captain? Will Aru leave Astana? What is the strategy of the team?
We can still discover a lot, a new unpredictable week of Vuelta is starting.
Stay tuned!